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    Tool Load Management

    Want to take advantage of Doosan's TLM. Watched a video. Seems pretty easy, but the video didn't answer a few of my questions.

    1: Approach and Escape time...is it set automatically or do I have to put some numbers in? If I have to put numbers in, how do I get the times to put in? A stopwatch? How accurate do I have to be?

    2. Number of tools to input...is it necessary? If I understand it correctly, the control monitors each of the tools used. So if I use the arrow keys to cursor through the tools, would it only show those tools I used?

    3. Regarding tools, say I use T0505 on the main spindle, and T0535 on the rear spindle in a double holder. Both tools are called up with T0500, but use different GEOM and offsets. Does the control show them as T5 and T35 on the TLM page? This goes back to question #2. In the video the guy input 12 tools and using the arrow keys all 12 tools are shown. In my example (T0535) would I need to input 35 tools (if that was the largest tool number used)?

    4. This is where personal experience comes into play. Does anyone use a baseline for different type tools? Video showed 5% for a warning and 10% to give an alarm.

    So we were cross drilling (2 holes, 180 degrees apart) with a 3/64 inch (.0469) carbide circuit board drill in 52100. Actual cutting depth was quite shallow. No center drill used. Very slow feedrate to get the drill started before kicking the feedrate up (a little sarcasm here). O.D. has a radius groove in the center of the part, and this is where the cross drill goes. First drill lasted 8 hours or more. Problems after that. Sometimes the drill didn't run half an hour before breaking. This is on a barfeed, and the operator did not stand there watching just the one lathe. Needless to say we had quite a few parts with no cross holes.

    So.....with this small of a drill the load is going to be extremely low. Would the Rapid moves to and from the part have an effect on the TML if no Approach or Escape times were entered?


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    Re: Tool Load Management

    Sorry. TML should say TLM. Don't see how to edit my original post.

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