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    Tool Load/Unload Jammed

    Hi All

    I have a problem with a DMG DMU50 Eco 3+2 mill with a Siemens 840D controller. It froze during a load tool cycle and now I can't load or unload tools in or out of the magazine. In the magazine location on the offset table there is the LL symbol on that particular tool. This symbol normally shows up momentarily during the load tool cycle then disappears & I am pretty sure this has something to do with the problem. The strange thing is I can still use all the tools in the magazine as normal and can load tool in the spindle manually from the virtual magazine, I just can't load or unload from the magazine it self. I was wondering if there is a hidden parameter somewhere that needs to be reset and if anyone knows it. Any help appreciated.


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    Hi scurr, I take the chance 5 years later to ask you if you get a fix to this? I got the same error on my 840d sl controller...

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    Re: Tool Load/Unload Jammed

    Hi @scurr i am too facing this problem...are you still have this problem or got fixed....if fixed please share with me.thanks

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