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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Toyoda > Toyoda FH-45 problem
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    Toyoda FH-45 problem

    I have a Toyoda FH-45 equipped with Fanuc 15MA, right now I am facing problem, I am getting Slot 2 rom parity error.
    What I have found that if I am trying to boot this cnc sys. without PMC cassatte then there is no error, when I reinserted the PMC cassatte into Base1 card then alarm appears again.
    It's look like, it's PMC ROM's got damaged.
    Kindly somebody help me to solve my problem. provide me EPROM's copy if somebody have similar machine.

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    Re: Toyoda FH-45 problem

    hi bro,
    I am writing from Turkey. I have a 2002 model toyoda fh45s. I do not have the booklets and I need it urgently. Can you send me the pdf of this book if I pay the price?

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