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IndustryArena Forum > General Manufacturing Processes > Turning > Turning of Bohler steel 390 mocroclean
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    I have to turn a lot of bead parts.
    The most of roughing work is from Dm 73 to Dm 32x 75lg.

    I made a test, 150m with 0,354f and from 2mm
    The plate got it (was already tightly worn out)
    Plate CNMM 120408 P25 normal edge honing, rather sharp.

    Who has a tip or any experienced data?

    Regards, Baconpep

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    Can’t anybody tell anything?
    A tip?

    Regards, Baconpep

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    Re: Turning of Bohler steel 390 mocroclean

    In this case we will have to program the machine to accommodate the angle that the tool is sitting on. Most CAM systems are capable of doing this,just not with the level that we have. https://2020kalender.com/ i would like to use a macro to accommodate many parts.i'm sure that someone who is good at writing macros can figure this one out......who's up for the challenge?

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