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    Exclamation Unable to calibrate Servos

    First time posting, been searching the posts for a while but cant find the answer. I have and industrial hobbies mill that has now been converted to cnc with the following. PMDX126, PMDX107, WARP9 ess, Gecko 320 to the servos with US Digital E2 encoders. I have tried in Mach 3 and 4 but get the same results,. I have been working in the motor tuning area to set up the steps per unit. I have been through all the configurations settings i could try without success, no matter the value input from 1000 steps to 60000 steps i get the same .10 movement on the axis. I have checked to make sure i have the current software plug ins etc as well. This is my first servo set up so now sure if I am missing something. when it comes to configuration. I am sure its something simple I am missing for setting up the servo settings.

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    Re: Unable to calibrate Servos

    Are you pressing the "save axis" button before moving on to the next one? If you don't do that, it ignores whatever value you set.
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: Unable to calibrate Servos

    yes, the value saves and changes but the movement remains the same. The value on the steps per unit field seems to have no effect on the actual movement of the axis.

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