I have a ULS 25E laser. Recently I moved the laser into another room and now find EVERYTHING seems to work except when you send a file the laser display doesn't show the print file is in the system. I have tried removing all the removable chips and reseating them. When turned on the system initializes, ready light comes on and you can move the X,Y axis. The ULS 25E has two(2) EEproms that I am looking to replace to see if that solves the problem however due the age no-one will even discuss how to obtain replacements. I would gladly purchased a complete LAS4 control board if anyone has parted out a ULS 25E and is selling the parts. Universal Laser provides only limited wiring diagrams so can't determine where to check to see if file is actually making it to laser, however I also have a ULS Class M and have no problems getting it to accept and laer print files from same computer and connectors.