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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Cincinnati CNC > upgrade hard drive and usb or ethernet
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    upgrade hard drive and usb or ethernet

    Hi All

    I have Arrow2 500 year 2000 Acramatic 2100
    Would like to upgrade the hard drive and upgrade the connection to USB or Ethernet
    Is this something I could do myself and has anyone done it


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    Re: upgrade hard drive and usb or ethernet

    The floppy disk drive can be replaced with a 'Floppy Disk Emulator'. This requires a USB thumb drive partitioned and formatted to 1.44Mb partitions.
    It must be compatible with the format "MFM". Some will auto partition and format the USB at power down if you hold both buttons.
    Their are people who have cloned their hard drives onto a solid state IDE hard drive.
    Siemens sells a new SSD with the Win-NT 4.0 SP6 and BASE & NCX software. For your machine with the A2100 Analog & Profibus
    this would be Release 4.15 with Service Packs. You would have to buy the MAI Software from Fives-MSI the Cincinnati OEM owner.
    It is easier to buy the SSD form them and send the original in for Data recovery of the "Machine Data Backup" and NC-Part programs.
    If you do not need the NC-Programs; Make a "Machine Data Backup" file and email it to their technical support. They can quote|
    you the New SSD complete and provide you with the "A2100 Option Generation Report Option Code" and the 'Machine Application Option Code'.
    They will load the MAI and NC-Programs if recovered.

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