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    using a drag knife

    donektools drag knife cutting plastic .03 thick - YouTube

    this is the d2 drag knife which can cut up to .25 in material,it looks
    like a simple concept but its not take it from me ,there is a lot of
    programming thought went into the use of it ,as you need to run a macro
    in excel to make some changes to your toolpath in order for the knife to
    have its proper orientation
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    Post I have a problem using Drag Knife

    Drag Knife
    I have a problem using my CNC with the Aspire Program.
    I have been watching all the tutorials and reading all the comments but my drag knife doesn't turn with the lines and get broken. I follow all the steps and the problem still be there.
    How can I control the elevation of the drag knife in Z ,for change the lines, because in the Aspire program I couldn't find the Z's set up?
    I will appriciated the help, and if somebody knows how fix it, please send me screen shoots, pictures or videos for how you set up the elevation of the drag knife in Z.
    Thank you very much!

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    Re: I have a problem using Drag Knife

    #1 you need the gaget for the drag knife in aspire also there might be some tips here

    donek tools dragknife - YouTube donek drag knife using aspire 4.0 may30_13

    donek's drag knife cutting plastic and cardboard with aspire 4.0 - YouTube donek drag knife using aspire 4.0 may 30_13

    Cutting Vinyl and Coroplast with a Donek Drag Knife - YouTube from dnek how to setup for a cut using gaget in aspire
    #2 i found the program sheetcam was better control of the drag knife direction and depth of cut i had a video but cannot seem to locate it right now
    it actually would do a veneer inlay cut

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    Re: using a drag knife

    Hi to all, I have a similar problem with using the drag knife gadget in Aspire 4. I'm having some unusual behaviour when cutting a radius and am using Mach3 as a controller, an oscillating knife and exporting with "Mach3 ATC mm" post processor. The reason for using the drag knife gadget is to avoid the blade turning at sharp corners without retracting it to a safe height, thus ruining the work. Now with the drag knife the problem has be solved but when it comes to cut radii the Z axis starts going up and down as if the radius is done by segmented lines, thus taking ages to finish. I have tried different settings in the gadget and also different approaches but to no avail. Is there anyone here who’s had this problem before?
    Martin G

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    Re: using a drag knife

    I made 3 incarnations of these drag knives and came to the conclusion that for Vinyl and the likes that the small 45 deg Roland style blades yielded the best results for me in a small bearing holder .My friend used it in Aspire with good results.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: using a drag knife

    wow its amazing

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