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    Using old hard drive to copy Mach3 Config file

    Hello all, My computer that I was running Mach3 on died, but the hard drive is still good. I was wondering if I put the old hard drive into the other computer that I will now be using and copy the config file I have on the old hard drive to the new one, will I have to do anything in Mach3 to recognize my cnc machine?

    Thank you for all the help!

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    Re: Using old hard drive to copy Mach3 Config file

    Mach3/4 uses a XML configuration files to define all parameters of your machine.
    That would be handy to back up if you need to run Mach from a different machine.

    If you don’t have a backup and the drive works…. You can either go to a computer repair shop and have them copy the drive into a large USB memory stick or buy an adapter that plugs into your old drive that also plugs into your USB port.

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