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    Nov 2014

    VHF CAM 250 Classic software

    Hi all.

    I'm newbie here, because I become a CNC fan just few months ago. Now I have some new toy for play - VHF CAM 250 Clasic.

    This machine become with CAM software called Cenon. This CAM software is not so bad, but it's not what I expected, so I'm looking now for some different kind CAM sw.

    And here is my question for help - does anyone has any ideas or experience what software will cooperate with this machine?

    I just try few of them, like Galaad and Mach 3, but this CAMs haa to be correctly set-up and I don't have any precise specifications to set it up. Just basics manuals with common specs.

    Will be glad for any kind of help. Thanks.

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    Feb 2016

    Re: VHF CAM 250 Classic software

    Hi Giambolero!
    I have the same problem. Did you solve your problem?

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