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    Vinyl cutter doesn't close lines

    My problem is when cutting vinyl the lines do not meet up at the ends. I have to go through the entire decal and finish cutting the patterns before I can weed the excess. I am not sure if this is a hardware issue or software issue. I have a Seiki plotter and I am using Smart Cut Pro software. I bought this setup several years ago second hand and have really not used it much. I cannot for the life of me find anywhere in the software to have the end of the cut overlap the start when completing the same line. I also understand that this is not a high end plotter and thinking it may be just slop in the cutter. Any help would be appreciated.
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    open up the plotter and check that the belts are tight. software should have a knife setting

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    Thanks sparkness, machine seems OK. The only reason I think that is the auto test cut built into the machine is good, the lines are completely closed. It has to be a software setting but I can't seem to figure out which one. This software is evidently obsolete and has no online support that I can find. I have been firing off test plots changing every setting I can find and still open segments.
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    You could give Signblazer Elements a try...its a lifetime trial but everything works. No longer supported because developer died but it is what quite a few people use that arent interested in buying stuff like signcut pro or plugins for corel.

    You can get it here - Knowledgebase - Powered by Kayako Fusion Help Desk Software

    I have one of USCutters cheap cutters and to be honest...not impressed at all, works great on large decals but will not cut letters correctly that are around .25" high and forget periods...the knife just rips it off of the vinyl when it is cutting. To anyone reading, if you are thinking about buying a vinyl cutter...DONT. Unless you buy one of the expensive ones like a Copam or something. The cheap ones are absolute hell to set up, knife settings change with every kind of vinyl, there is no good cheap software. I even used the trial of Signcut Pro and it was absolutely horrible, it would be cutting then just glitch out and cut a line through about 16 inches of unused vinyl and ruin it.

    Who knows, maybe the cutter is junk...maybe its because I am running it off a Keyspan Serial adapter or maybe its both...

    More stuff to consider...

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    I have made a few discoveries. My issue is evidently the driver I am using, Roland PNC-1000, while it seems to work does not allow the overcut function I need. The software being older does not have an actual Seiki SK-870T driver nor can I find one yet that works. I did download a print/plot driver from the Seiki website and it plots through autocad like a champ. However Autocad is not real sign friendly.

    I paid next to nothing for the cutter and it was more just for kicks, but I do want it to work properly. I may try the software listed above. Thanks,
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    Re: Vinyl cutter doesn't close lines

    In the past, I have used a vinyl cutter and have always found it easy to use. But lately, I've been having issues with the line-cutting feature on my cutter. I suggest you check buy weed online UK and learn more interesting things about online shopping products. This is not something that's brand new or surprising, just a matter of knowing what to do in case things go wrong.

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