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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Daewoo/Doosan > Vision / Pro-Motion Servo Drive Fault on Lynx / Puma machines ????
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    Vision / Pro-Motion Servo Drive Fault on Lynx / Puma machines ????

    Hello, we have a Vision servo drive that controls the tool turret on our machine which is in error, the "Vision" replaced the previous model the "Pro-Motion".
    When attempting a tool change the drive error's out with "over current" alarm, the turret does un-clamp, the proximity sensor does give signal when looking at ladder but as soon as its attempts to turn it alarms out.

    Un-clamping the turret with keep relay K5.4 it is free to turn, I have resistance tested the encoder cable and megger tested the (disconnected from drive) motor and cable, I have cleared / initialized the parameters on the drive and re-entered as per the machines blue book, I have tried different loop gain etc etc parameters, I have had an independent machine tool engineer in, that concluded he believed fault with servo drive that needs to be replaced.

    Unfortunately the cost of a new unit is in the region of $ 7000, thus I have sent the unit off to be repaired, I have received the repaired unit back which has a new IGBT but machine is still alarming out as before, but in addition sometimes also now gives an over voltage alarm or over speed alarm.
    I have checked the supply voltage to the unit to be 200v on all legs, when turning the motor by hand I see the encoder numbers changing on the servo drive display.

    These units have a "jog" function that can be operated from the drive display( I think? ), with the turret un-clamped and free to turn and with the connector CN1 disconnected, (which is all the I/O to the machine), when I select "jog" it will energise the motor and hold its position and i cannot turn by hand, but when i select jog direction the motor will not turn. I can here it change direction from CW to CCW, (basically only 220v being supplied to the drive, power cable out to motor, and encoder cable out to motor, nothing else connected) am i correct in thinking this is how jog should work.

    I am at a total loss at how I am to move forward, machine has been down for a lot of weeks now, looking back $7000 does not look as bad but i have no guarantee it will be the fix or do I ?, please help with any experience you have had with servo / motor / encoder in the past.

    Doosan Lynx
    Fanuc 0iTD

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    Re: Vision / Pro-Motion Servo Drive Fault on Lynx / Puma machines ????

    See attached troubleshooting manual to verify that all steps were checked.
    Doosan Service Technician
    darryl.hardt@doosanmt.com O:973-618-2461 M:973-803-9479

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    Re: Vision / Pro-Motion Servo Drive Fault on Lynx / Puma machines ????

    dhardt, that manual you attached is in Korean,

    I already good that manual (in English) and several others relating to the turret with great thanks to this forum,

    Yes we have went through them checks several times and all checks out, also I have found that with the motor U,V,W cables disconnected and I do a tool change to the next position and move turret by hand (at a steady rate) it will complete without error, any other suggestions ?

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