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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Fadal > VMC4020 Program storage and retrieval issue
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    Question VMC4020 Program storage and retrieval issue

    One of our VMC4020 mill (88HS control, DC) has developed something odd.

    We can upload programs to it but not save them to memory. Existing programs in memory can be called up and run with no problem. New programs can be uploaded and will also run with no problem but they don't show up in the program list. We receive a "CANNOT FIND PROGRAM" error message when trying to load a new program from memory.
    We use BobCAD and Predator to program, uploading and saving works fine on our other 4020.

    We have deleted a whole bunch of old programs, pulled and re-seated all cards and relays, to no effect.

    Has anyone run into something like this before and if so, how did you remedy this?

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    Re: VMC4020 Program storage and retrieval issue

    Did you check to make sure the memory isn't full? There is only a small amount of sram that is used for storage and for loading programs.
    And a obvious question, does the first line after the % have the O program number such as O1001 ?
    There is a reserved set of O numbers for internal programs if I remember right. I was saving some probing programs and they would not save and I found I was trying to save them to the internal program space.

    O1032 (3300B GEAR LARGE SIDE)

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