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    What Swiss Turn Machine do I buy?

    What Swiss turn machine would be best for us to buy? We are wanting to roll threads on heat treated 1/2 round stock and also machine a socket head (Allen Wrench) in the end of the stud. Stud lengths are approximately 6” to 12”. Pre-heat treated high grade alloy steel.

    We currently run 4 axis vertical machining centers, and we have zero experience with swiss turn machines. Our programmer is very knowledgeable though, so we are confidant that he can get us going, but schooling and support is a must, along with pricing the thread rolling process to be achievable with the machinery.

    Any guidance would be appreciated. From what I’ve read, Citizen might be the best option, but that’s just based off of what I’ve read up
    until today.

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    Re: What Swiss Turn Machine do I buy?

    If you don't get a response, you may also consider contacting https://grimsmoknives.com/, they run a swiss. They also have YT videos and podcasts regarding why they chose it, how it's working out for them, etc.

    They were making screws with similar (albeit smaller) features previously on a Nakamura lathe with a sub-spindle, but not at such a length.

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    Re: What Swiss Turn Machine do I buy?

    The top 2 in the industry are Citizen and Star. Either one will be able to achieve thread whirling. I would check to see who your local distributers are and see what kind of reviews they have for their service. Swiss is a totally different type of machining. I have seen guys who are rock stars on mills and mill turns fail miserably on Swiss. Don't get discouraged if you have top notch guys that just don't get it or get it quick. Same with programming. You take everything you know about machining and throw it out the window with swiss.

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