i got manual one ,build one using guide on instructables site
simple thing with tinny shots ,,just for learning expansion temp etc
now i dont have space for big ones like that boy15 or arburg 221
i think nice step up is automatic electro/servo mini one from manual one
any idea where i can buy one and for how much ??

using for now 6040 to do rugh alu molds (mostly did till now ,door stopper,some kids toy gun in 3 parts,doll hand for friend just to see if i can his daughter broke couple of them some plastic caps ,,simple ones)
want to go cnc mill way cause this 6040 is ok for not to much details in alu but in details just can do it
(wanted to do small house in 4 parts but details are in model but 6040 just cant make them to much stuter i guess )
i ask on benchtop mill part advice which mill to buy in eu
will ask here too

to mod in to cnc rf45/xz45/mb4 mill,but without much detailed guides (i got confused with part that go on x axis under table)
or to step up or step down depends how u see it from that mod,,
and get syil 4/5 or similar cnc (which ones we have in eu in that price range 4-6000€ ?
or just get simple small mill like pm30L/amat30L and use one of manny kits and have fun ??
will pm30L be ok for steel with small part/details in mold or i need bigger heavy one like zx45/mb4 ?

i know that industrial used will be best but i dont have space as is ,let alone for huge one like that
plus transport will be impossible (basement)

can someone help ?