i recently purchased a mx4660 from www.steppermotorcanada.ca. i am very pleased with my purchase. i have installed it and in the process of configuring it. i have a few questions:

concerning the wiring for the spindle, i am not certain i understand the correct procedure about "jumping the wire" i have a two lead wire from the driver of my spindle which is jumped, but i have not jumped anything on the mx4660 side because i am afraid of damaging it. the spindle is not engaging. here are two pictures, one of the driver side, and the other of the 4660 side:

my next question is about the dip switches for the current to the stepper motors (model 23HS2430B) at 3 amps. they can run hot. i was told that i could set the dip switches to a lower value to reduce the heat. what value do you suggest?