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    Woodworking Engraving Machine VS Hand Engraving

    What is the difference between embossing on a woodworking engraving machine and manual engraving? Since ancient times, the art of carving has played a very important role in people’s lives. From home decoration to handicrafts, there is no shortage of carving art. The only difference is that wood engraving machines used for mechanical engraving equipment have gradually become popular, and there is a tendency to gradually replace manual engraving.

    Woodworking engraving machine VS hand engraving:
    1. Different carving effects
    The relief production of woodworking engraving machine is designed by the engraving software to design the engraving path and then input into the computer for automatic engraving. Therefore, the details of the engraving are neat and unified. Whether it is a flower plate or a cloud bead, every place is the same size, and it looks like nothing different. This is extremely suitable for mass production, making furniture manufacturing more refined and perfect. Hand-engraving can’t be compared with a woodworking engraving machine regardless of its accuracy. However, hand-engraving also has its own unique advantages. It can “pierce through the branches” to carry out multiple layers of openwork, making the carved workpiece look full of life.

    2. Different engraving efficiency
    Compared with hand-carving, woodworking engraving machine embossing production has fast engraving efficiency and engraving accuracy, which is far from being comparable to hand-carving. Some customers also choose a woodworking engraving machine to engrave and then do the manual modification, which can make the engraving efficiency and precision higher.

    3. Different carving details
    Compared with hand-carving, woodworking engraving machine embossing has the same depth, and the transition point is smoother. When hand-carving, the carving depth is different and the carving depth is limited.


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    Re: Woodworking Engraving Machine VS Hand Engraving

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