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    X Y axis calibration, engraving and circle cutting problems.

    I have a 130watt Style CNC co2 laser system. 2500mm x 1300mm bed.
    After working on laser path, calibrating X and Y axises many many many hours and attempts, measurements of the cut are still out. Running Corel draw for drawings and RDworks for laser control.
    I have checked all pulleys, belts, stepper motor tightness, cleaned tracks and oiled etc...

    1. left hand side of cutting bed, measure good, but centre cuts are out, and right hand side is good if cutting squares for example. Straight line cut end to end, i can calibrate a cut of 1200mm for example. cut again and measure good. But......when i cut shorter lines, calibration is out again. Very confusing.

    2. Laser engraving shows the same symptoms except that i get a double exposure of the image in the mid section of the table.

    3. Circle cutting - start point and end point do not line up. It makes not difference if the cut starts at the top or side of the circle, but more pronounced at the side start point.

    Can some one perhaps point me in the right direction as to what may be causing this and how i can recify this problem.

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    Re: X Y axis calibration, engraving and circle cutting problems.

    Hello Albert.
    I ask you the following:
    Has the machine ever worked properly?
    If the answer is no. Did you install the configuration of the machine in the software? Did you read the machine from vendor settings to bring the configuration of the machine to the software?

    If you did the previous steps, it could be:
    1) A problem of alignment of mirrors,
    2) Erroneous configuration of the steps
    3) The work table may not be leveled
    4) In machines of these measures there may be problems in the transmission relationship such as belt tension.

    I hope you find the problem!

    Best regards

    I am an experienced laser technician.
    User of laser cutting machine Buchicnc EVO 14.
    User of laser recorder EVO 5.
    CNC router user, with 3 x 2 m table Auto Tool Changer
    I usually design my own laser files designs for laser cutter & laser engraver with CorelDraw, Laser Cut 5.3, RDWorks V8.
    Laser cutters & CNC Routers BuchiCNC USA
    CNC Router ATC
    EVO 14
    Soy tecnico de laser con experiencia.<br />Usuario de maquina de corte laser Buchicnc EVO 14.<br />Usuario de grabadora laser por fibra EVO 5.<br />Usuario de router CNC, con mesa de 3 x 2 mts Auto Tool Changer<br />Diseño mis propios archivos maquinas de corte laser con CorelDraw, LaserCut 5.3, RDWorks V8.<br /><a href="https://buchicnc.com" target="_blank">Estas son mis maquinas de corte láser BuchiCNC</a><br /><a href="https://buchicnc.com/producto/maquina-de-corte-laser-evo-14/" target="_blank">EVO 14</a><br /><a href="https://buchicnc.com/producto/maquina-de-corte-laser-evo-5/" target="_blank">EVO 5</a><br /><br /><a href="https://buchicnc.com/en/" target="_blank">Laser cutters &amp; CNC Routers BuchiCNC USA</a><br /><a href="https://buchicnc.com/en/product/cnc-router-mr-atc-6-standard-line/" target="_blank">CNC Router ATC</a><br /><a href="https://buchicnc.com/en/product/laser-cutting-machine-evo-14/" target="_blank">EVO 14</a>

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