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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Benchtop Machines > X3/SX3/G0619/G0463 > X2 general dimensions and some info needed
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    X2 general dimensions and some info needed

    Hi guys,
    I'm mostly doing some minor stuff and repairs on mini lathe during regular wat hmaking (hobby).
    Milling on lathe attachment is pretty painful and I m considering to buy some milling vertical setup. Hence, hard to find proper one, so I'm thinking of making my own.
    Gave some rough ideo, some parts laying around etc...
    I need some info like:
    General dimensions of X2 like machines: height of column, distance between spindle axis and column, distance and travel from spindle to bench... It would be nice to know thickness of column wall, so I can look for proper material...
    Also, considering to use 2x ballscrew on AXIS so I can easily retrofit CNC later? Something like 1605 or 1204? Or I really need acme screw for manual feed?
    Finally, would hiwin hgr15 rails would be enough for z axis? Or bigger? I would avoid vee slots if possible.
    For spindle, I would use er25 shank, in cast iron body (already have properly machined body) with angular contact bearings. Motor, would try to use 550w sewing machine BLDC.
    Pulley setup, probably with XLT type, not sure yet...
    Any input, thoughts, highly appreciated!

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    Re: X2 general dimensions and some info needed

    there is a company converting these machines you should check them out axyzmachines.com i hope thats helpful

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