I have been playing with hobby CNC stuff for almost 12 years now and though I know most people have moved on to cnc bearing and rails from offshore at the cheap end I thought I would share yet another cheap diy bearing idea I had.

I am in the process of build a larger (42" x 54" cutting area) machine to replace a smaller (22" x 44") machine I built about 7 years ago, the motors, screws, and controller and even the table from the old machine are being used in the new one (only had to order 1 new lead screw) so the actual cost is fairly modest. The reason for the new machine is I am actually making a bit of money cutting HPDE parts for a friends business and need a machine that can cut 36" x 36" for a new part and the fact that I had a new idea using 608 bearings and steel angle for linear motion I wanted to test. I was actually playing around with a printed version before Covid hit but decided to use aluminum angle because I have a tendency to overtighten things and the plastic doesn't really like that. I am just going to throw up a few photos and update it as I can.