While using my fly cutter on my PCNC770 series 3, I noticed a step in the cut in the Y direction when taking multiple passes. So I checked the tram on my Z axis by sweeping an indicator mounted in the spindle over the table and found that the head is off by .002" over 5.3".

I am pretty sure this error is caused by by head tilting forward. So I tried adjusting the Z axis gib thinking that it was too loose and the the weight of the head (with power drawbar) is making it lean.

I kept tightening the top gib adjustment screw looking for lost motion in Z as per the manual and had trouble seeing any changes. Its adjusted so far now that the gib is protruding from the bottom of the Z carriage.

But I still have the .002" lean in the head.

I am able to put a .003" feeler gauge between the Z ways at the top of the way, while I can not fit anything at the bottom. I can move this feeler gauge about 1/3 of the way down the ways before it stops.

If I leave the feeler gauge in the top and then try and rotate the entire head (pushing on the top of the motor housing while pulling the spindle), it definitely bares against the feeler gauge, it can not be pulled out.
So is the gib still too loose? Is it possible the gib is not parallel with the way so it tightens at the bottom and not the top so it will lean like this?

I am scared to make it to tight and cause wear.

I am debating on whether to design some sort of counter balance system for the head to help prevent this leaning.