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    Z over Travel Zero Point Reference

    We just picked up a 97 Daewoo Puma 200 Lathe. It checked out in great shape by the inspector we hired. After installation in our shop, we cannot get it to zero-point reference (Home) in Z. I am new to fanuc controls. All other machines in shop are Haas and Hurco.

    The x-axis works as expected. It hits the limit switch and then backs off.

    Z on the other hand hits the limit switch, slows down and then continues until it hits the over travel limit switch. Any ideas where to start on this issue? We've tried powering off/on multiple times. I have mechanically actuated the limit switch; it is not sticking. The lathe will allow me to manually jog Z to the over travel limit switch, but it will not let me manually over travel X.


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    If I hit x and then hit z before x homes itself I achieve a zero point reference in both axis without an over travel. Figured I would update this post incase that info helps someone.

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    Re: Z over Travel Zero Point Reference

    What control an 18T or Ot?--------------Check homing switch first to make sure its not sticking on and needs cleaned up
    If still not working move axis away from limit switch and power off machine --------At power up hold P and Cancel to its ready for Hydraulics on -This tells the control to look for homing switches

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