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    Z70 Abs. Data Error 0001 Z1.

    Hello all.
    We have a M20 Citizen CNC machine, with this alarm,
    Z70 Abs Data Error, 0001 Z1

    Z70 Abs. Data Error, 0001 Z2T1
    Z70 Abs Data Error 0001 Z3.

    This Machine was down for a power supply 220 vac to 24 vdc. we replaced the power supply but this alarm is showing.
    Can you help us?.

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    Re: Z70 Abs. Data Error 0001 Z1.

    Z70 is a zero return alarm
    Zero return all axis the only one that could be a problem is T1 there is a procedure for this if you need it

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    Jul 2019

    Ti zero return

    You have to make the origin of the machine but first you have to do it before t1 turret If you want to get the procedure ch.assraoui@gmail.com

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    Re: Z70 Abs. Data Error 0001 Z1.

    Hi . good day . I have a Cincom M20 lathe that has Z70 data error alarm 0004 A, thank you if anyone can help

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    Re: Z70 Abs. Data Error 0001 Z1.

    Z1 axis needs a zero return

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