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    Lightbulb about Lost Foam Casting

    Hello I am working on metals production as Lost Foam Casting. I need to learn which materials can be product in LFC and why. Also what are the problems we can encounter while LFC and how can we solve that problems. Thanks for answers. Good evening

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    Re: about Lost Foam Casting

    It sounds like you need a course of instruction, or at least a textbook on the subject, not just a reply to your post. As you're working on it already, how is it going? What sort of products are you trying to make? What materials and methods have you tried so far? What problems have you encountered?
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: about Lost Foam Casting

    As awerby says above, it does sound like you need more instruction on the subject. However, with my limited experience with casting aluminum, It is my understanding that the lost foam casting method yields the greatest detail. Since the molten aluminum INSTANTLY burns the foam from existence. And results in a very smooth surface finish, after cooling and hardening from molten to solid. Anyone interested in casting metal, should LEARN how to properly handle all foundry tools, etc. Molten metal is nothing to PLAY with. It will maim, and kill, if not respected. When I first started out melting aluminum, I had melted a pot full before realizing that I had no kind of mold set up. I happened to have the scrap piece of 3/4" thick pine wood board which I had previously cut out a wooden gear from. I threw it down in a bed of sand, and tamped it into it. I KNEW that the molten aluminum would burn the wood. However, my thinking was, that it would cool enough to solidify, before burning thru the wood. WRONG! As I poured the pot into the wooden mold, not only did it INSTANTLY catch fire, but a closer description was a split-second PFFF!!!! And the puddle of aluminum was running all over the remaining sand! I don't think that the wood existed long enough, to even slow it's descent from the pot to the sand! DANGER, WILL ROBINSON!

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