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    Post Amada Vipros King 358 PHNC Alarm

    We keep getting the PHNC Alarm on our vipros 358 king. no.2091. can someone help me out and point in the right direction.
    10 Press Limit
    Detail: Idling pressure is out of normal range that is set in the phnc system.

    It happens intermittently but we can not get it to clear right now.

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    Re: Amada Vipros King 358 PHNC Alarm

    What is the control?
    If it is a Fanuc, and the 2091 is on the operator message screen as opposed to something like a DS2091 which would be an alarm. This is caused by logic in the ladder. Look at the PMC diagnostics (status screen) under the "A" address'. When you find an "A" that is true (1) look in the ladder for that address (ex A2.7 and assuming straight forward logic). That should get you started in figuring out what is actually causing the issue.

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