Hi All,

New to the forum and new to CNC ownership. I recently purchased a machine from Style CNC, model STM 1530C, and am in the process of setting it up. I need to purchase a compressor to run 3 components of the machine: the ATC spindle which is a HSD ES 951 12 position linear, the pop-up alignment pins, and a set of pneumatic hold down rollers. I asked the manufacturer about the pressure and airflow requirements for the machine and was somewhat shocked at the response. They told me I needed 1 cubic meter per minute at 6-8 Bar, which translates to about 35 CFM at 100 PSI. That amount of airflow seemed excessive to me from comparing the requirements of similar machines made by Camaster. Is anyone running a machine with similar components? If so, what size compressor have you found to be adequate?