I use Estlcam 9 with WinPC-NC in version 2.50 / 12 with a Stepcraft 840 (version 1). All software is licensed.
Until a few days ago I easily created all files in Sketchup, exported them as .svg and created the milling tracks and connectors manually in Estlcam 9.

Now I want to mill a 400x500mm board with rounded corners (radius 30mm). But this no longer works and I get a height of 375mm with the first milling path. The second milling path has a height of 400mm (this file is scaled up from 40x50mm).
When I mill the file in the size 40x50mm, all dimensions are correct.

To make sure that it wasn't because of Sketchup, I created the file in UMake and Fusion 360 and exported it as .dxf or .svg. I also created the file with Estlcam 11 today, but I have the same offset.

Enclosed photos of the milling paths and the .dxf file with 40x50mm as well as the.din file. The .din file is displayed correctly in GCode viewers and is inside the .zip file in out to upload it here.

A short help would be much appreciated.