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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > Autodesk CAM > CNC Machine giving an "Arc destination not on arc" error
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    CNC Machine giving an "Arc destination not on arc" error

    Recently while trying to cut out a filet for a raised panel of a door using a parallel tool pathing strategy, my CNC machine gave an abrupt error. See the picture of the error attached.

    What is confusing is that it did the fillet quite fine for two of the edges, started the third one, and then stopped and gave the error. See attached images.

    Is it possibly an error with the post for my machine that it is not processing a set of ijk values properly? or, maybe something needs to be tweaked in Fusion? or, if someone has a post that works for Fusion to my machine. See machine name below.

    The CNC machine's name is Blue Elephant ELECNC 1530-ATC.

    I also attached the post that I am using.

    If something can be done to the post or in Fusion I would appreciate some sort of discussion where I would send whatever files or screenshots necessary to solve this problem. Thank you.
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    Re: CNC Machine giving an "Arc destination not on arc" error


    The issue was solved by enabling 3D and radius arcs in the post-processor menu. That seemed to have caused the issue.

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