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    Conversational wizard

    I use Planet Cnc hardware and TNG for both the milling machines and the lathe, and I am satisfied with them. They are certainly more powerful than I can exploit them.
    However, I miss - for both types of machines - conversational wizards like those present on Mach3-4.
    Can you tell me if you have foreseen, in the next versions, the implementation of this functionality with the most common processes, both for the lathe and the mill, which can allow the user, in the case of simple and basic processes, to do less than Cam?

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    Re: Conversational wizard

    For simple tasks I use "Machine/Cycles". It is not yet completed but some simple things are in there.

    But for true "conversational wizard" functionality I recommend "File/Generate". This was meant to be implemented by users based on their needs and then shared. I just made few examples but I guess more is needed.

    You can help me by specifying what is needed and I'll do all implementation. Perhaps more of them will influence others to make them and share them.

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    Re: Conversational wizard

    First of all, thank you for fast reply!

    For Lathe: facing, profile with single or multiple diameters, boring, fillet, arc (sphere), grove, thread, taper internal/external
    For Milling: pocket, face, slot, thread, contour, bore, engraving, drill pattern, chamfer

    I'm probably forgetting something....:-)

    It would be important for the cycles to be represented in graphic form/GUI window

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