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    Question Linux CNC Servo motor help...

    I have a custom built machine that uses a Nema 34 servo for the X axis. A few weeks ago, I was making a cut and it froze in the middle of the workpiece. The Z and Y axis were still working. So I restarted it, and it cut for a little bit and froze again (in a different spot). So I restarted and after homing, it froze on the way to the cut. After restarting agin, it froze on the way home. Then the next time it doesn't move at all. I try everything I can think of to fix it and settle on the motor gave out. So I order a new motor, hook it up, and it won't move either. So I replace the driver, still nothing. I switch the wires, still nothing. It acts like it wants to move, but then trips the driver and the lights come on. It is belt driven, but the motor won't run when taken off of the belt. So I believe I am down to the software (unless anyone can think of something else to try). I had to make several adjustments to my machine to get the clearance I needed, it was set for 1.5 inches and I needed 4. My machine is easily tall enough to handle this, but I don't know if I messed up something else. The new driver doesn't trip when it tries to move it, but it only attempts to move when I pass 0 on the x axis (the computer thinks it is moving, but it isn't). I took a video, but it is too large to put here. I'm out of ideas on how to fix this. I have spent $300 and a month trying to fix this machine... I desperately need help.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Linux CNC Servo motor help...

    Motor cable problem perhaps? Maybe a broken or intermittent connection?
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Dawson View Post
    Motor cable problem perhaps? Maybe a broken or intermittent connection?
    I have tried using two different cables (Z and X), but it could be that I just need to buy a new one and try it to rule it out for good.

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    Re: Linux CNC Servo motor help...

    try the new motor on the Y or Z axes. Then try hooking the X axis signals to the (working) Y axis, this would prove whether the X axis signals are any good. The fact that you have replaced the motor and
    drive suggests that it is the X axis of your controller is faulty.


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