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    MicroQR EZcad Versions

    Hi Guys,

    First time posting on here.

    I have a 30W fiber laser from Triumph. It came with ezcad 2.5. I want to do serial microQR codes only to realize that they dont exist in version 2.5

    I thought it would be simple enough to install a newer version but when i try to open it, I get a message about the dongle not being found.

    I contacted the support team and they told me I had to upgrade the control board if I wanted a newer version of ezcad to work.

    Any suggestions on how to either:

    a) make the newer software work, or
    b) add a microQR font/plugin or,
    c) any other ideas?

    Thanks for reading.


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    Re: MicroQR EZcad Versions


    i assemble fiber laser machines. I think your machine use an old control card, if you want to keep the card and use another version of ezcad you need new dongle, when old card each ezcad version ask for a different dongle, and is very hard to find the right dongle. I use JCZ V4 card , it don´t use dongles, only a drive and you can use many ezcad versions, i use the last one; 2.14.10 . Another option is you make qr in another software and save in dxf, or even online, have many site to do it.

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    Re: MicroQR EZcad Versions

    Thanks so much for your response. I guess I will just update the card then. Can I just purchase one from the excad company directly, do I need to worry about compatibility issues?

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    Re: MicroQR EZcad Versions

    you can try to contact the developer of ezcad software to get free support


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