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    Question Multicam 3000 - three setup questions


    I'm helping a friend setup a Multicam 3000 CNC which is from an unknown age, and I'm running into a number of issues. Pics attached. Finding info on any of this is difficult. The three are:

    1. Tool touch-off calibration
    In addition to the mounted touchplate near the back end of the machine, another touchplate is also connected above the gantry along with the magnet. After selecting a tool and attaching the magnet to the tool-holder nut, the machine hovers over the back mounted touchplate where it gives me the options to press 0 to AutoSet or ENTER to set. Whenever I select to perform the AutoSet, the text "Mount Grounding Clip" appears for a few moments, and for the briefest moment this text appears:

    Auto Setting...
    Z = 0.
    Calibration Tool:
    Hold 0 to move down.

    before automatically becoming

    "Tool Calibrated."

    The machine immediately jumps to a 'calibrated' state which I'm thinking has something to do with the magnet & two-plate situtation going on with this machine. Was the additional touch-plate an accessory? Any light shed on this would be appreciated.

    2. Vacuum bed controls
    The pneumatic pumps for the vacuum bed seem to be defective or malfunctioning. I checked them all for proper air pressure and they all make an audible swift sound of movement. However the two in front are weak and the back two are apparently stuck open, but even with all four open they're not strong. Pump is strong. Is there any known quality issue with these parts? Otherwise something could be stuck in there, aside from any other leaks. They appear to be black custom CNC-cut parts with the pneumatic piston going into them.

    3. DNC
    I'm digging through old info like manuals, videos, and this forum for how to set up a DNC for this machine and connect files and run. I've been operating a 2018 model CNC for a few years and it really makes me appreciate the efficiency of user-friendly modern consoles. A guy who used to run this exact model machine (Multicam 3000) told my friend to get EnRoute so that's what we got prepared on a windows laptop, but I'm trudging though info on how to properly get the DNC connection successful. I came across the pdf of the MultiCam Router User Manual v03 13 and it keeps mentioning JobNameServer, but I have no idea whether that's a native process on windows or its own application or what, so now I'm digging through Windows Device Manager and Ethernet settings in both Windows 10 and 11 to figure out what needs to happen.

    Any info on getting this machine up and running, especially DNC info, would be greatly appreciated so that I can help my friend. He would apprecaite it even more than I. Thanks.

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    Re: Multicam 3000 - three setup questions

    1. More then likely you have some metal under the block in the rear of the tool calibration block. Take the block offf and clean under it and see what that does.

    2. Multicam vac table design isn't the best even with a string pump. Have you check the ports under the table to make sure the PVC piping hasn't broken lose?

    3. Download PSS program from the Multicam SE website, it will load and walk you through connecting through ethernet comms.

    Make sure you connect your system computer-switch-CNC machine, a switch (not a router) provides a stable connection,

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    Re: Multicam 3000 - three setup questions

    Hi i have multicam 1-103-R-C09081 model 2012 and lost dongle usb and cd program h

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