I'm a newbie to Mastercam and 4 axis programming
I have some problems in determining WCS, Tplane and Cplane and rotary axis for my new Chinese CNC router with rotary 4th axis and Richauto a18 control, I use 4axis mill generic with generic Fanuc 4x post.

I have tried tons of axis configurations with one semi-successful try, in which I put WCS to top, Tool plane (and construction plane) right plane (don't know why) and rotation axis (in Rotary strategy) is y but the result was YZA move simultaneously and X is move between slices (it should be XZA simultaneously and y for moving between slices).
Attached is a picture of a similar machine, I don't where should be the WCS and the tool plane (in 1,2 or 3) and should I determine tool plane offset or make it (0,0,0)

Please help me understand what's the issue and how to determine WCS, tool plane and rotary axis.

Thanks in advance.