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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Syil Products > Syil x3 no movement on any axis
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    Syil x3 no movement on any axis

    I really need some help with this new cnc I just picked up.

    Trying to get it running with Mach 3 but I’m having no luck at all, the bob is connected to my pc with a uc100, ive done all the installations correctly and I get both led’s when it’s connected.

    The problem is setting up the motor outputs, I have no idea what pins are for what because I have no documentation. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.


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    Just adding more pictures
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails A6CB4D5A-E97E-4DA2-8238-FF58D6B5D231.jpg   A6E700BA-53D7-4FDA-A691-EB97F09EE3BD.jpg  

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    Re: Syil x3 no movement on any axis

    Look here...

    Probably something wrong in Emergency Stop wiring. The silly spindle cover switch is the first place to look.
    Also aging ES switch contacts get crappy, too. Add a 0.1uF cap across the switch to keep it clean.

    Only use ES in emergency. High surge currents in motor drive board occur when ES released after a stoppage.
    NEVER use it to just stop the machine. You WILL be sorry, in time.
    Super X3. 3600rpm. Sheridan 6"x24" Lathe + more. Three ways to fix things: The right way, the other way, and maybe your way, which is possibly a faster wrong way.

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