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    Timeout for code to be executed

    hi everyone

    What im trying to do is set a timeout in my M6 script so that if i certain command is not executed within a certain time, the program is halted and ideally bring up an alarm.

    an example scenario would be during a tool change. Say the carousel gets jammed and doesnt reach the spindle within 10 seconds (which would be detected by a limit switch on the carousel slide), then the toolchange procedure would be halted and
    the machine stopped, an alarm condition activated for an operator to attend to the jam.

    The timer/timeout is what im struggling with

    thanks in advance

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    Hi impi,
    Just have a look at this users M6 script https://github.com/Klaus-Michael/PlanetCNC_KMS_Stuff/tree/main/KMS-DIY-CNC/Scripts
    I think you will find a lot about what you need. M2 aborting several checks. And gcode like G9 or pause...

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    Re: Timeout for code to be executed

    Thank you, will take a look

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