It’s been a while since my last visit here on the forum.

My question is about the tool data import from WinTool(or similar), does this data import of geometry and cutting data work?

Do the ae, ap, fpt and cutting speed etc. for materials get imported, and not just a spindle speed and feedrate? Multiple materials for tools also?

I started a new job as a programmer 4 months ago, and there is absolutely no tools in the database at the company, and the tools in the db, haven’t been configured the right way. I’m trying to figure out how to build up a database the easiest way, and find tools for projects as easy as possible.

There aren’t any “standard” materials besides 7075, many of the parts are made in hard to machine materials like 98% nickel, titanium and molybdenum(!).Parts are small(really small) and complex, all in climate controlled environment.