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    GE mark century 1050 HL Problems


    I bought a CNC lathe (ERNAULT sumoa transnum with CNC GE Mark Century 1050 HL) in France, but I have some problems with it.

    First: I can execute commands from EXECUTE mode but I can not write instruction in PROGRAM mode, I think it is a protection against editing part program. in the blue book and on the ladder diagram Schematics, I found a device number 510 "PART PROGRAM CUSTOMER EDINH.IX INHIBIT EDIT: internal supervisor devices controlled by the customer machine interface logic. has one state-of-this device Prevents Any exchange to Stored by the program in the control memory ", I tested this device mode interface and its value is 1.

    secondly: today by booting the machine I got the attached message on the photo.

    if someone can help me I would appreciate it.


    Walid Safi
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    Re: GE mark century 1050 HL Problems

    is not a message it's garbage may be caused by a bad PGM2A p.c.b slot 13 . Check eproms and there Checksums
    of the PGM2A p.c.b.

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    Re: GE mark century 1050 HL Problems

    Device number 510 is an interface GBT for OEM developpers to inhibit "Part Program mode" mostly you find on the keyboardpanel a selection switch that can be activated by a special key to keep safe the program and will not deleted.
    To program a program manualy in "Program" mode {Select Display select) and choose with special key to unlock inhibit
    signal EDINH.IX Partprogram edit inhibit stacker 1PL -543 GE 1050HL

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