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BRUDERER networks its production machinery with a tool management solution

June 2022
Author: TDM Systems
Company: TDM Systems GmbH
BRUDERER networks its production machinery with a tool management solution

In the sheet metal stamping and forming industry, BRUDERER stamping presses are synonymous with maximum performance, utmost precision and unsurpassed reliability. To ensure its future competitiveness, BRUDERER has been digitalizing its manufacturing processes for many years. By connecting the production machinery to the TDM solution, the family company has once again broken new ground – and successfully so, according to initial analyses.

To bring transparency to tool management and free CAM programmers from time-consuming research, BRUDERER decided to introduce digital tool management from TDM Systems exactly 30 years ago. Michael Fankhauser, the system administrator whose responsibilities include the introduction of TDM, has been with the company since 1983 and remembers this well. At that time, the foremen had to order the tools required themselves, which eventually turned into a kind of organized chaos. Since there was a lack of transparency about the existing tools and their data, the NC programming was also time-consuming. In 1991, BRUDERER was one of the first customers in Switzerland to introduce digital tool management from TDM Systems.

BRUDERER spent the equivalent of two man-years recording around 5000 items. This was a huge effort, but one which Fankhauser believes quickly paid off. In a short period of time, procurement costs for resources decreased by around 30 percent thanks to the transparency gained. With available graphics, fewer error occurred during tool assembly. Most importantly, it was a win for the CAM programmers: It now took them less time to create the programs.

Have you become curious and would like to learn how BRUDERER was able to reduce procurement costs by 30% thanks to digitalization? Then click here!

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