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TDM Systems Blog

TDM V 4.6 - Tool data integrated under control

August 2013
Author: TDM Systems
Company: TDM Systems GmbH
TDM V 4.6 - Tool data integrated under control

Tool data integrated under control

At EMO, users can see for themselves how easy it will be to integrate and update tool data along with feeds & speeds in TDM in the future. "We have now fully integrated our TDMControl into TDM from version 4.6, which makes central data management significantly easier," says Eugen Bollinger. The database is accessed directly, i.e. the data is not uploaded to the table via an interface to then rewrite it again. It is this easy: Simply click using your mouse to display the data records that are to be updated in TDMControl, correct them and add to them. The data management tool is deliberately based on Microsoft Excel sheets, so that even relatively large volumes of data can be updated very easily and quickly. In addition, there is hardly any need for training since most users already know how to use Excel. 

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