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TDM Systems Blog

Lifecycle Management

September 2014
Author: TDM Systems
Company: TDM Systems GmbH
Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management
The Solution for the entire Tool Lifecycle in your Company

Complete lifecycle, complete integration
In order to completely introduce TLM, the TDM tool database must be able to inte- grate or tether to as many systems as possible. And here the vision and perseve-rance of TDM Systems pays off: the early development of interfaces and integration in systems from ERP, PLM, CAM, MES, and the shopfloor is now our competitive ad- vantage. This is how TDM can be integrated in nearly every system landscape of a company. The interfaces are mature and we are constantly adapting the advancement of the systems.

Implementation of production standards
Efficient production requires the introduction of standards. Among those are tool lists and production orders. TDM supports the NC program-related management of tool lists and the recording of cutting data from production and also makes the permanent optimization of tool use possible. International production companies can introduce centrally defined, cross-plant tool standards. This reduces costs and cycle times.

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