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TDM Systems Blog

Coronavirus pandemic makes 2020 the year of digitalization

December 2020
Author: Tool Manager
Company: TDM Systems GmbH
Coronavirus pandemic makes 2020 the year of digitalization

When 2020 began, none of us could have imagined that a virus would turn life as we know it completely upside down. The coronavirus pandemic has brought huge changes in the world – not just in the industry. We have been amazed by the possibilities presented to us by digital technologies. Here at TDM too, our internal operations have made a huge shift to digitalization. The pandemic relocated the workplace to our own four walls, virtually overnight. Team meetings, coordination, workflows – it all happens online now.

This forced reorganization  has brought some benefits with it. Our employees have learned to use the available solutions more efficiently. Applications and functions have been rediscovered and incorporated into the daily workflow. Bringing the workplace into our homes does of course have its advantages and disadvantages. Some co-workers report that they work much more efficiently and are more focused at home. Nevertheless, they feel the absence of the chats by the coffee machine, the spontaneous discussions in the corridor and the creative input that comes from eating lunch together or from simply working side by side.

Digital sales – virtual information events attract great interest

The sales sector in particular has been transformed by the pandemic. Customer meetings and partner site visits had been part and parcel for many TDM Sales Managers, and were quickly moved online. Digital alternatives had to be created for canceled trade shows: Our new series of webinars has been met with much interest. Practical topics explained by our experts, detailed information and the chance to ask questions without making a commitment – these benefits were appreciated by potential and existing TDM customers alike. Even our annual user group meeting was hosted online in a series of webinars. The video recordings of the webinars are still available to watch online.

The areas of service, cooperations, partnerships and networking were also adapted and digitalized. Read more about the digital year at TDM Systems and which new highlights await you in our software.

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