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Everything revolves around tools - case study Norbert Kempf GmbH

July 2015
Author: TDM Systems
Company: TDM Systems GmbH
Everything revolves around tools - case study Norbert Kempf GmbH

The three most important factors of a property are: Location, location, location. And in manufacturing? Stefan Kempf, Head of contract manufacture, Norbert Kempf GmbH, knows the answer: "The tool, the tool, the tool." TDM enables the necessary control over the tools.

Coolant seems to run in his veins: Stefan Kempf puts his heart and soul into being the head of contract manufacture at Norbert Kempf GmbH in St. Ingbert, a town in Saarland, Germany. The company employs approximately 100 employees and manufactures parts and assemblies for customers in the fields of pneumatics, hydraulics, automotive, construction machinery, and prototyping in 2500 square meters of space. Kempf also manufactures machine pallets. Every day, about 2500 parts leave the operation. At first glance, it is nothing special. However, a second look is worth it. It is finally clear when Kempf shows the utilization of his machinery through a projector in real-time: Things work differently here. Almost all of the machines are in production around the clock; the utilization rate is nearly 100 percent. Nevertheless, there is no hustle and bustle in the halls; all of the work is concentrated, but relaxed, in short: The shop runs. Many large mass production manufacturers would be happy to push forward into these regions, even just a little bit.

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