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Digital journeys in machining companies

May 2020
Author: TDM Systems
Company: TDM Systems GmbH
Digital journeys in machining companies

Take people along with you on the journey!

The objective seems clear: Digitized production for increased efficiency. However, the way to achieve this is often anything but clear. In the beginning, the route planning is not important either. Preparations for the digital journey begin with the essential questions: What do I want to achieve? Which employees are affected and must therefore participate in the journey from the beginning?

Roadmaps for digital transformation

Many machining companies already have roadmaps for digital transformation, with a defined overall route and a target arrival time – determined on the basis of conditions that were current when the map was created. However, it often takes some time before the companies actually set out, i.e. the position and initial situation may have changed.

If we sit in the car on the way from A to B, we are used to being offered several routes by a navigation device or an app: The fastest, the shortest or even the most picturesque. Before starting, we have to decide which factor is the most significant for us and choose accordingly. In the case of digital journeys, this means that companies want to use it to increase productivity or improve adherence to schedules, for example. But even if you have decided on your preferred route, you will still have to be flexible. After all, short-term disruptions on the route are part of everyday life – it is good if there are alternative routes that can be used to circumvent them.

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