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Our world of tool management

July 2022
Author: TDM Systems
Company: TDM Systems GmbH
Our world of tool management

How the diversity of customers from different industries and sectors fascinates me

Time and again, a proud feeling secretly creeps over me. In everyday life, whether in the news, while shopping or during leisure activities, I discover products or companies that use TDM Systems' software. Casually, but with a broad grin, I then remark, "By the way, they are one of our customers."

My name is Daniela Steinhart, I am Content Manager at TDM Systems and have worked in the area of marketing at the company since 2004. I have supported TDM Systems for many years and helped to shape the communication.

If you are curious now about our customer diversity and would like to see where TDM Systems is used, read on here.

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