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TDM Systems Blog

TDM unites Businessmen, Designers and Manufacturers

July 2015
Author: TDM Systems
Company: TDM Systems GmbH
TDM unites Businessmen, Designers and Manufacturers

The world of tools opens itself to "Industry 4.0". During the latest TDM User Day in Ekrath, TDM Systems Senior Consultant Thomas Mücke demonstrated how productive Tool Data Management can help reduce product cost between planning and production.

The processes of the manufacturing industry can be further optimized only through an overall approach. "That is the focus of the Industry 4.0 Idea, actually a logical development of the system landscape in recent years," said Mücke. It is nothing more than the automation and networking of production systems from mechanical and electrical components. Such systems provide information in the form of a lot of data."The challenge is to prepare and use it, so that it brings economic advantages." According to Mücke, the "Tool Data Management" plays a central role in Industry 4.0 connecting technical and business departments. In many companies today, there are two fundamental structures side by side: A technical process, realized through PDM (Product Data Management) or PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) systems, and a business management process, controlled by ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems.

Read the complete article on page 4 of our TDMessage 05-2015.

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