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TDM V 4.6 - Easily simulated

August 2013
Author: TDM Systems
Company: TDM Systems GmbH
TDM V 4.6 - Easily simulated

Easily simulated

It can be seen on a daily basis at the production level just how important realistic simulation data, accurate tool data and feeds & speeds are for the CAD/CAM department. Anyone who carries out collision analyses with tool dummies is taking a risk, because interference contours are sometimes not detected at all. Process reliability is at stake. When it comes to CAD/CAM connections, TDM is leading the way with its powerful 3D-Graphics Generators. "The new options in version 4.6 put us way ahead of the competition," says Thomas Muecke, Consultant/Senior Project Manager. This assumption appears to be entirely justified because the new 3D Graphics Generator for rotationally symmetric tools and the 3D Graphics Converter have what it takes. Only a few mouse clicks later and the programmer has used the 3D-Revolve Generator to create a realistic 3D model on his computer screen from 2D data in DXF format. The models can be saved as STEP files and therefore do not need to be regenerated repeatedly. The principle is simple: Using the 2D data and the Tool Contour Generator, a contour of the tool is generated. Now it only needs to be rotated and the 3D-Revolve Generator creates the simulation-ready 3D solid model from the contour. 

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