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Networking what belongs together

February 2015
Author: TDM Systems
Company: TDM Systems GmbH
Networking what belongs together

Tool Data Management is developing into a hub of digitally controlled production processes. Data with high information and utility value is everywhere: in the machine, in the ERP-system, in the CAD/CAM-programming. But conclusions about more efficient production processes can only be drawn by means of a meaningful evaluation. The tool recorded via TDM becomes a key point that interlinks all areas.

The shopfloor is and will continue to be the heart of the metal machining industry. Digitization or not, added value is created when chips fly. Despite this, a few things have changed: The "pacemaker," to continue with this metaphor, is digitization. "The requirements of Industry 4.0 have been part of our every day lives for years," emphasizes Eugen Bollinger, Vice President Sales at TDM Systems. The trend is to integrate all systems involved at the production level more and more. The prerequisite is a joint data basis "There's a lot going on here right now," says Bollinger. If we record and evaluate data from machining centrally in TDM, then we know which tools are used with which cutting data for which NC program. There is immense potential here for the customers."

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