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EMO Hannover Blog

Behind the scenes: EMO Hannover 2019 – Part IV

May 2019
Author: vdw_schuetz
Company: Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.
Behind the scenes: EMO Hannover 2019 – Part IV

As you are surely aware of, EMO World Tour is coming to almost 40 countries to inform journalists, exhibitors and other multipliers about our trade fair. Usually, we show you some glamorous photos and videos with press conferences in fancy locations, interviews with local experts and landmarks with our fantastic EMO 2019 tag...

So here is what's really going on:

This week, our team makes its journey through Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria. To be honest: their trip is just as glamorous as you would expect! Nevertheless, there a couple of hardships - like taking pictures in the middle of nowhere late at night, travelling through wind and rain, visiting crowded tourist sights trying to get the perfect shot for you and still receiving continous nitpicking from our social media team because video x and photo y could have been bigger, better, sharper and so on.

So today, there's a perfect opportunity to give a big shout-out for our team hitting the road for EMO World Tour 2019 - we're sure their pictures will be just on fleek! As always.

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