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EMO Hannover Blog

IP congress - Prof. Dr. Konrad Wegener talks about global challenges

August 2013
Author: Schäfer-Baehre
Company: Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.
IP congress - Prof. Dr. Konrad Wegener talks about global challengesCorresponding to the EMO motto “Intelligence in production” the VDMA congress “Producing more intelligently” will take place from 16 to 17 September 2013 during the world's premier trade fair for the metalworking sector. The focus of the event is on the challenges which the future poses for humanity, technology and society. Topics covered will include energy efficiency and sustainability, Industry 4.0 and/or intelligence and communication in production and the limits of precision.

In the following weeks we will introduce to you the speakers at the IP congress and their lectures. Today we continue with Prof. Konrad Wegener , Head of the Institute of Machine Tools and Manufacturing at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zuric , Schweiz.
Prof. Dr. Konrad Wegener will lecture on 17 September at 11:15 h. Theme:

Global challenges and technological solutions
System optimization will enable the machine tools of the future to achieve more value added with fewer resources.

„Producing more intelligently“…
… implies achieving better results with fewer resources.
Prof. Konrad Wegener , Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich

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