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umati @ EMO Hannover 2019: Makino Milling Machine Co.,Ltd. shows what is going on

September 2019
Author: vdw_schuetz
Company: umati - an initiative sponsored by VDW and VDMA
umati @ EMO Hannover 2019: Makino Milling Machine Co.,Ltd. shows what is going on

At the EMO showcase, Makino will have several machines showing different sort of digital solutions. In terms of connectivity, Makino will showcase their machine Makino DA300, which currently several open protocols, including umati. The machine will be connected to the monitoring system as well connected to the VDW booth and showing the status live on umati dashboard.

The machines can be connected with machines and solutions developed by other vendors. The standard information model defines what and how data is shared, and thus allows to connect machines easily. Finally, its bidirectional communication allows to not just monitor machines but also optimize and automate the processes ur machines join in. All of the points make umati one the best protocols for industry 4.0.

On the current market situation, where digitalization is becoming a standard, customers are striving to connect their machines with different versions of open protocol. Having umati granted a solution for those customer, and being  EMO 2019, the first exhibition where umati will be shown, we want those manufacturers to know that Makino will be an early adopter of umati and that we will work hard to make their integration processes as easy as possible. In addition, EMO 2019 is also the reference to show the progress of industry 4.0 in the machine tool business and umati is exactly a great leap for practicality of industry 4.0.

Using umati our customer will enjoy an easy integration process, were all machines are treated equally. Umati simplicity allows customer to bring down the efforts of integration and a faster time-to-market. As Makino, being able to connect our machines on a simple way and being our customer able to optimize, even further, their performance is already an advantage by itself.

umati is the first open protocol that supports bidirectional communication with a standard information model for machine tools based on OPC-UA. It is a protocol developed on the experience of real customers, knowing the necessities of the customer, but also the implementation requirements.


Visit Makino Milling Machine Co.,Ltd. at the EMO Hannover 2019 at hall 12 booth B36!

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